SNHG14 (non-coding RNA) == binding ==> MIR211 (3p microRNA)

Enhanced SNHG14, ESM1 and suppressed miR-211-3p were found in BCa tissues and cells. SNHG14 up-regulated ESM1 via competitive binding with miR-211-3p. Decreased SNHG14 or up-regulated miR-211-3p depressed cell cycle entry, colony formation, invasion, migration and proliferation abilities, and facilitated apoptosis of BCa cells. Decreased SNHG14 or up-regulated miR-211-3p reduced the tumor volume and weight of nude mice with BCa, as well as promoted apoptosis and restrained proliferation of tumor cells. miR-211-3p inhibition or ESM1 overexpression reversed the effects of down-regulation of SNHG14 on BCa, and miR-211-3p up-regulation or ESM1 downregulation reversed the effect of SNHG14 overexpression on BCa. SNHG14 targeted miR-211-3p to regulate ESM1 expression. (33482820)

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