CCAT1 (non-coding RNA) == binding ==> MIR130A (3p microRNA)

CCAT1 enhances cisplatin resistance in NSCLC cells by targeting miR-130a-3p/SOX4 axis which plays instrumental functions in the regulation of ABCG2 expression. (32871184)
Colon cancer associated transcript 1 (CCAT1) directly interacted with miR-130a-3p and negatively regulated miR-130a-3p expression. CCAT1 was upregulated and miR-130a-3p was downregulated in ccRCC cell line and tissues (all P < 0.05). High CCAT1 and low miR-130a-3p expression was correlated with larger tumor size and advanced TNM stage in ccRCC patients. High CCAT1 level suggested a poor survival prognosis. There was a negative association between CCAT1 and miR-130a-3p expression (r = - 0.373, P = 0.010). MiR-130a-3p mimic and si-CCAT1 inhibited ccRCC cell proliferation and invasion, and induced apoptosis. (33482824)

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