miRs in prostate cancer: comlex regulatory connections with cancer hallmarks 18 January 2019 23:53:17 by Rhizoman1
Next week we will annotate regulatory interactions in prostate cancer. Prostate cancer (PCa) is considered the most prevalent malignancy and the second major cause of cancer-related death in males from Western countries. Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) is the primary treatment option for male patients with advanced symptomatic PCa. Castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) refers to the continuous progression of PCa following ADT. We will focus on the role of non-coding RNAs and transcription factors in prostate cancer development and progression.

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship 26 December 2018 16:17:32 by Sasha Fokin
Paywall: The Business of Scholarship is a documentary which focuses on the need for open access to research and science, questions the rationale behind the $25.2 billion a year that flows into for-profit academic publishers, examines the 35-40% profit margin associated with the top academic publisher Elsevier and looks at how that profit margin is often greater than some of the most profitable tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google.

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship (Full Movie) CC BY 4.0 from Paywall The Movie on Vimeo.

The program of reduce the critical dependence of Russian science on foreign genetic and biological databases. 26 December 2018 16:10:04 by Sasha Fokin
"The Ministry of Education and Science proposes to allocate 220.5 billion rubles. on the development of genetic technologies in the framework of the federal scientific and technical program for the years 2019-2027.

This is stated in the draft government decree on the approval of the program, published on Friday on the federal portal of draft regulations. The implementation of the program is designed to "reduce the critical dependence of Russian science on foreign genetic and biological data bases, foreign specialized software and devices, the programs passport says. In Russia, bioinformatics and genetic databases, basic reagents and software products and equipment prototypes should be created."

The leading scientific organization will be the Kurchatov Institute. The ONCO.IO is made entirely by our forces and means without the help of any other structures and organizations. This is a completely independent product. For all inhabitants of the planet Earth, we provide equal access to ONCO.IO and his services.

Immune response interactome! 06 October 2018 01:24:29 by Rhizoman1
T-cell-DC, signaling and regulatory pathways that develop immune response. Co-regulatory and repressor molecules. Receptors, signaling molecules, transcription factors as are drivers of anti-cancer immunity. Next week we will annotate immunoregulatory interactome! This is dedicated to the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018!

Hooray! Today our database reached the milestone of 15,000 manualy curated validated links 27 September 2018 15:33:44 by Sasha Fokin

NRF2 and TRIM proteins , where is conection? 17 September 2018 00:15:16 by Rhizoman1
In addition to NRF2 interactome we will integrate TRIM proteins interactome! TRIM (Tripartite motif (TRIM) proteins) are a versatile family of ubiquitin E3 ligases
involved in a multitude of cellular processes. Oxidative stress and aniviral response)

NRF2 is a key transcription factor for cancer biology 12 September 2018 15:15:14 by Rhizoman1
This week we are planning to annotate NRF2 interactome. It will include NRF2 direct transcriptional targets and upstream regulatory interactions. Now in ONCO.IO contains only 53 interactions!

We will annotate autophagy interactome! 04 August 2018 18:12:02 by Rhizoman1
Autophagy is an evolutionarily conserved catabolic
process that has an essential role in cellular homeostasis. Autophagy decline with age in most tissues. And aging could be caused by declined autophagy levels.

Transcription factors interactions in specific cancer context 09 June 2018 23:08:34 by Rhizoman1
Next week we will annotate TF-->target interactions that are associated with cancer! Many of these interactions may provide cancer development and progression. This type of regulatory interactions is a key for cancer biology understanding. We aim to contribute to improving our knowledge of cancer nature!

Video on the work of ONCO.IO 15 May 2018 14:05:59 by Sasha Fokin

Next week we dedicate memory Jacques Derrida who died of pancreatic cancer! 29 April 2018 00:30:52 by Rhizoman1

Pancreatic cancer is a most dangerous cancer in the world! We will annotate new interactions to improve our understanding this dangerous cancer! Please contact with us info@onco.io

Orphan microrna in our DB! 27 April 2018 22:14:28 by Rhizoman1
Unfortunately, we have in our DB micrornas without interactions. If it possible, we will fix these flaws!
If you find these flaws, immediately report on info@onco.io! We immediately add appropriate interactions! We are waiting your suggestions!

Much more and more interactions! 30 January 2018 01:22:02 by Rhizoman1
After a period of dormancy we are working hard!

Drug resistance, Apoptosis and more! 16 December 2017 17:07:26 by Rhizoman1
Next week we will annotate apoptosis interactome. It is known, that apoptosis is key process which determines efficacy of anti-cancer therapy. One of the cancer hallmark is resisting cell death. Understanding how can make rewiring in apoptotic network in cancer cells plays crucial role for enhanced cancer drug sensitivity!

E3 ubiquitin ligases and their regulatory interactions in cancer 03 December 2017 18:17:07 by Rhizoman1
In the next week we will annotate E3 ubiquitin ligase interactome! As always, it will be regulatory interactions between mIRs/TFs and E3 ubiquitin ligase mRNAs/genes. And it will also include array of E3 ligase substrates. E3 ubiquitin ligases play an essential role in the regulation of many biologic processes, especially in cancer development.

How to find rs ID by SNP chromosome and position 01 December 2017 12:46:28 by Sasha Fokin
We made fast web tool, which find rs ID by SNP chromosome and position.

This tool work with last data build -- snp150, and with two assembly versions: HG19 / GRCh37 (234,756,361 SNPs) and HG38 / GRCh38 (335,322,261 SNPs).

We decide to increase the number of weekly added interactions up to 100! 17 November 2017 20:13:15 by Rhizoman1

This week we will annotate various protease interactions involved in cancer development. 07 November 2017 20:16:01 by Rhizoman1
We will, as always, continue to add microRNA, TF and other regulatory interaction in cancer context. It will include MMPs, ADAMs, ADAMTS and KLKs proteases!

Next two weeks we will gather new microRNA, TFs and other interactions occurred in various cancer! 19 October 2017 19:29:27 by Rhizoman1
Every week expanded cancer interactome lets us to see new patterns that can help understand how to cure cancer!

This week we wiil annotate regulatory interactions of lincRNA involved in cancer 09 October 2017 18:26:49 by Rhizoman1

Next week we will annotate regulatory interacions that occur in ovarian cancer 30 September 2017 14:58:09 by Rhizoman1
Expanding ovarian cancer disease-specific interactome: transcription factors, microRNA, LincRNA and others

Colorectal cancer miR targets and TF -targets regulatory interactions! 22 September 2017 23:12:40 by Rhizoman1
We are starting to annotate new regulatory interactions involved in colorectal cancer!

Autophagy interactome: microRNA, TFs and protein-protein interactions 24 August 2017 22:08:25 by Rhizoman1
We are beginning to annotate complex regulatory interconnections in autophagy. The key point will be interactions in autophagy--cancer--drug efficacy and aging processes!

We will continue to adding Interactions involved in cancer! 14 August 2017 20:37:45 by Rhizoman1
We are returning from vacation! New interactions are coming!

EMT as complex process involved in drug resistance and stemness! 27 July 2017 02:23:48 by Rhizoman1
EMT is a well-known invasion and metastasis process involved in cancer progression. We are planning to annotate complex interconnection between EMT and stemness/drug resistance.

Sox4 as an EMT regulator! 16 July 2017 03:20:01 by Rhizoman1
We are annotating major pathways involving in cancer develoment.

Pancreatic cancer! 01 July 2017 01:28:01 by Rhizoman1
We are begining to annotate more interactions associated with one of the deadliest form of cancer - Pancreatic Cancer!

Mobile devices bug fixes: single and double tap is working now 27 June 2017 13:45:25 by Sasha Fokin
Mobile/Touch devices bug fixes: single tap is now working for focus and moving nodes, and double-tap work to get information about the node ( cntrl+click analogue).

We also add list of all lncRNA interactions and make a pie chart on the diseases page

This week we are going to annotate SOXs transcription factors in various cancers! 19 June 2017 16:15:47 by Rhizoman1
We are starting to make interactions and relationships in cancer context for SOX4, SOX2, SOX9, SOX10, SOX11 and SOX17!

Days of colorectal cancer! 10 June 2017 00:30:42 by Rhizoman1
We will work three days with interaction occured in colorectal cancer. Transciption factors, microRNA and more!

New day with miR-335 - adding cancer relations! 05 June 2017 14:53:27 by Rhizoman1
Today, we wiil annotate miR-335! It is very important microRNA for cancer biology!

New regulatory interactions in Prostate cancer (PCa) 03 June 2017 15:45:31 by Rhizoman1
We are continuing to work with PCa to expand understanding complex picture in this cancer.

miR-424 has many faces in cancer biology! 30 May 2017 21:16:18 by Rhizoman1
We are working to comlete miR-424 interactome!

Hello! We are adding new association Mirs in PCa 29 May 2017 22:25:26 by Rhizoman1
Hello! We are adding new association Mirs in PCa

We are starting! 26 May 2017 23:26:52 by Rhizoman1
New drug resistance links!

Simple news feed (blog) about onco.io development. 26 May 2017 15:32:02 by Sasha Fokin
Hi all!

I make very simple blog for posting some news about onco.io development.

By now i want to know, how many different entities in our DBs. For this i made several simple snippets which show some info in main page.

How the main page will look? Well, while this question remains open. On the main page, we are want to show the best possibilities onco.io. Also there should be links to key tools.

What else. Created simple pages on basic entities: pathogenetic process, disease, gene (microRNA). On the pages contains of the short information about the entities and as well as the table with the data on related interactions. The tables of all entities are interlinked.

So will we win.